DRES Tier II Intervention


Welcome to Durant Elementary Intervention page


What you will find on this site:

  • List of staff with their contact information
  • Calendar with important dates
  • Parent information with school documents and WCPSS News Letters
  • Math resources and information
  • Helpful links and resources






Intervention Teachers

Pam HInson, reading intervention   phinson@wcpss.net

Brenda Tyner, math intervention   btyner@wcpss.net

Jane Higgins, reading intervention   ehiggins@wcpss.net  

Kristy McLean, reading intervention   cmlean@wcpss.net

Kim Willis, reading and math intervention   kwillis@wcpss.net

Carolyn Wiles, reading interevention   cwiles@wcpss.net

Julie Sargent, reading intervention   jsargent@wcpss.net